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This deviation was deleted

The pose is an attractive one for female nudes, and does show curves at their best. The curves here though could be shown even better if there was more detail, or at least a better sense of lighting - which adds much to the figure. I would hope to see this photographer use light and shadow more in future.
This is a unique take on a fairly common pose. I have not seen the washed-out texture on any modern nude glamour shots. However, it works well here. The opposing spots of dark hair show the photographer's sensitivity to light and texture as well, and something like them would've been needed, if the picture was all left in the faded texture without these. Still, a weakness of this, especially given the genre, especially ion B&W, is the lack of detail. Even the hair is not sufficiently HD.
I am glad, though it may sound inappropriate, that the model is not obese. I do think I am in the mainstream now, in preferring models who are not excessively fat, or noticeably lacking some exercise, or the natural firmness of young people, but on the whole, are rather fit. I believe that the photographer limits their audience - and not just among males, by usually omitting obese models. Which is NOT to say completely so. here are several models on DA with far from perfect bodies, male and female, who have appeared in very good nude poses.
This is the best of the too few nudes by this photographer,
and more are to be hoped for. I also recommend a prop or some context, which more often than not, shows the figure to more advantage. The eye rests finally on the figure, not the
prop, IMO, and makes the picture more enduring.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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