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Jan, Feb: The visit to the Art show in SF launched many projects, some very ambitious...
  ... only could manage less than half of the art...before overload!
   We have taken so much of the modern tools for granted...many artists do not...
   I observe that there are millions of hobbyists on DA, but only a few hundred true
   artists, who know the function of art in life...
March, April, May: many contacts with, and memories from talks with school classmates. Some quite pleasant. Some not.
June, July: My youngest's HS Graduation ...a most pleasant time...A few visits by Becky to CGold,
    and with David, to "waterworld" and local venues.
    Also in July, a wonderful "Mary Poppins" at the Amphitheater in Oakland. A very polished
    and professional troupe.
Aug: A surprising disappointment prevents me from attending a long-anticipated
        (more or less) 100-year high-school reunion... other projects in lieu of home improvement/remodeling:
        David moves to SF at the invitation of my friend, attending SFCC, a helpmate in the household...
        CGold house becomes much quieter...
  Financial processes... albeit frustrated by incompoetant bank reps vs independent pro brokers
  An accomplished painter in La France communicates encouraging 
  words, and is a serendipitous muse...
 ....whoever saves a life, saves a universe:
   An unhappy very disabling stroke hits my close friend who lives in Frisco:
        .... I must be a caregiver for the foreseeable future, and gladly so... providing, +consolidating, cleaning, sorting the SF household, 
Oct: My youngest daughter's happy 19th birthday, and with my son, visiting me in CGold...
        ....a bit more art, and music, when solitary...
  A sweet and musical Hanukah party 
  A pleasant common era holiday season, incl The Dickens Faire
    and The Nutcracker with the children

In the Elizabethan Style:

Farewell too Faire
apologies to John Dowland

Farewell you fair small goddess, unchaste not to me,
Discretions knives never quenched my fire:
Why hast thou made love angers fuel,
And now have kill'd my passions with no words?

This is a proud Beauty`s true anatomy,
If that secure persevere in secrecy,
Farewell, farewell.

Farewell too dear, and too too much desired,
Unless compassion dwelt more near a heart:
Love by neglect (thou not constant) oft is tired,
And forc`d from Bliss unwillingly parted.
This is proud beauty`s true anatomy,
If that secure persevere in secrecy,
Farewell, farewell. 

see also:…

I had a dream I can't forget:
I stand in or on a deck or the roof of my 
former ramshackle mountain house
(beautiful interior - an ugly exterior!)

I look up the street, 
and a horror! --
I see another sprawling ramshackle
house two doors up
being pushed over toward me
by an immense unseen force

The falling house hits the next-door house
(another another sprawling ramshackle!)
- which goes down as spectacularly
and toward my house
but falls short of hitting us
- which is a miracle!

Something bright causes me to
turn my head to the right
and see amidst a luminous and dark cloud 
just above us an angel within 
merged and almost obscured
by the luminous cloud
a long blue gown she is in
and arms at her sides and
No wings...but - 
a vision of some kindly elvish queen
with powers and help for us just now 
She is a few shades lighter blue
than Maxfield Parrish's skies
and she radiates a faint light


Attended the "art market San Francisco".....
A major US art event. Overwhelming.
300++ of the best modern art galleries
in the US... overwhelming and awe-inspiring, 
and endlessly inspirational
Moment in Jerusalem
Moment in Jerusalem by ShlomitMessica visit to Jerusalem in the 1970s....

I wonder if could live in a place that 
has so many layers and echoes
from the past... I am not very spiritual
nor superstitious, but twice only in
my life, once in an indian tribal
burial ground,
and once in Jerusalem,
I sensed ghosts....

"The Florentine Codex"…

A lovely work, full of many significant observations, and an important first step taken,
by a priest no less. Historians and cultural anthropologists have for some time been able 
to recognize European activities in the New World for what they were, colonialism and
genocide, pure and simple. The prime instigator being a would-be religious enterprise
at the height of its cultural hegemony in Europe, and desperate to eradicate competition
and pillage the entire non-christian world, if possible. 

Signs Of The Times

I miss Christopher Hitchens, 
nearly as much as I miss Auden...
I saw the articles concerning Hawking's
signing on to the antisemitic academic "boycott"
several months 
ago - and the writers
were as surprised as I that 
a man of presumed
intelligence, was as uninformed

as was now evident.

Let's call a spade a spade, 
all of that boycott and its ramifications is
antisemitic, and in that, squarely in a
grand old British tradition. The rise of antisemitism in Europe
in the past decade - and intensifying - is too 
well-documented except to note it in general terms. 
We all know its roots: the Muslim immigrants,
european traditions launched and nourished fiercely for
1800 years+ by that oh-so-kind large christian enterprise,
and, especially, the endemic and unique antisemitism
in Britain - the source in the late 12th century of the 
first Blood Libel....actually a byproduct of the 
wonderful religious enterprise.

The people - in - and outside - the tribe, who have 
learned of the roots of Arab and Islamic antisemitism
( -which are from the West! -) understand full well
that mention of "boycott", anti-"zionism"
or "Pro-Palestinian" concepts are merely
politically correct expressions of plain old antisemitism --
rooted in a complete misunderstanding of the situation
"on the ground" in Gaza, West Bank, and Israel...

A very good starting place for those who are ambivalent
about these matters, who are somewhat laymen perhaps,
is Mr Condell, and his passionate and rather articulate speeches
on these and related subjects:…
Condell and Christopher Hitchens - a typical discussion:…
--they both represent another, logical
and wiser side of 
British intellectuals...
That they both are passionate and articulate atheists
does not really pose an affront to the tribe, for more subtle
reasons that I can touch on here... 

Time Matters

We never are the person we once were.

(we are surprisingly better informed than we were - ha -- )
And, oftimes unexpectedly, life continues,everywhere, but ....
... plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose ...
...and, we have the...... memories....!
I put this on my Dad's tombstone,
as he would've wished: Keep Pitchin'

Remembering Leonard Nimoy:

A Rabbi's Eulogy (For Leonard Nimoy)

BY RABBI JOHN L. ROSOVE , 3/01/2015   

[Author's note: What follows is a portion of my eulogy at Leonard’s funeral on Sunday morning, 
March 1. He was married to my dear first cousin, Susan).

Leonard shared with me after he and Susan married 26 years ago that he had never met a woman like her, never had he loved anyone so dearly and passionately, that she’d saved his life and lifted him from darkness and unhappiness in ways he never thought possible. His love, appreciation, respect, and gratitude for her transformed him and enabled him to begin his life anew. 

Susan – you were a stellar, loving and brilliant life-partner for your Leib. He knew it and in loving you he learned how to love his own children and grandchildren more deeply, and he came to recognize that his family was his greatest treasure and gift.

At the moment Leonard’s soul left him on Friday morning, his family had gathered around him in a ring of love. Leonard smiled, and then he was gone. It was gentle passing, as easy as a “hair being lifted from a cup of milk,” as the Talmud describes the moment of death. What did Leonard see? We can’t know, but Susan imagines that he beheld his beloved cocker spaniel Molly, an angelic presence in life and now in death. 

My wife Barbara and I shared much with Susan and Leonard over the years, in LA and in so many spectacular places around the world – so many joys and not a few challenges, and through it all we grew to love Leonard as a dear member of our family and were honored that he felt towards us as members of his own family.  

At his 80th birthday celebration three years ago, I publicly thanked him for all he’d meant to my family and me, for being the love of Susan’s life, and for bringing her so much happiness.

Kind-hearted, gentle, patient, refined, and keenly intelligent was he.

As I listened to NPR’s story of his passing on Friday, I was struck by how uniquely recognizable to the world was his voice, not only because of its innate resonance and gentle tone, but because it emanated who he was as a man and as a mensch.

He was unflappably honest and warm-hearted. He embodied integrity and decency. He was humble and a gentleman. His keen sensitivity and intuition connected him with the world and offered him keen insight into the human condition. Whatever he said and did was compelling, inspiring and provocative. He strove always for excellence.

Leonard’s Hebrew name was Yehudah Lev, meaning “a Jew with a heart.” His interests and concerns were founded upon his faith and belief in the inherent dignity of every human being, and he treated everyone regardless of station, friend or stranger, with kindness and respect. His world view was enriched by his Jewish spirit and experience.

Leonard was nurtured in the Yiddish-speaking culture of his childhood on the West End of Boston, yet he transcended the particular categories with which he was raised. He cared about the Jews of the former Soviet Union, about Jews everywhere, and he was concerned for all people as well.

Because he grew up as a minority in his neighborhood, even sensing at times that he was an outcast living on the margins (which is what his Spock character was all about), Leonard adventured out from the conservative home and culture of his youth, courageously at a very young age, into the world where he sought greater truth and understanding. He was curious about everything and was a life-long learner. 

Leonard appreciated his success, never taking his fame and good fortune for granted. He was generous with family, friends and so many good causes often contributing without being asked, quietly and under the radar, to individuals and causes selflessly, without need of acknowledgment or credit. In his later years, he learned that by fixing his name to some gifts, he could inspire others to give as well.

Over the years, from the time he performed in the Yiddish theater as a young actor, Leonard was particularly drawn to Jewish roles in film, television, stage, and radio. Most enduringly he brought the gesture of the Biblical High Priest to the world’s attention as an iconic symbol of blessing. He was amused that his fans unsuspectingly blessed each other as they held up their hands and said, “Live long and prosper!”

Most recently, Leonard created magnificent mystical images of feminine Godliness in his Shekhina photographs, one of which he gave to me as a gift graces my synagogue study and adds a spiritual dimension for me of everything I do in my life as a rabbi.

One year Leonard asked me what I thought of his accepting an invitation from Germany to speak before thousands of Star Trek fans. He told me that he’d been asked before but always turned the invitation down due to his own discomfort about setting in a country that had murdered six million Jews. I told him that I thought it was time that he went, and that he take the opportunity to inform a new generation of Germans about who he was as a Jew and about the Jewish dimension of Spock’s personality and outlook. He liked the idea, and so on that basis accepted the invitation.

When he returned he told me that he had shared with the audience his own Jewish story and that Spock’s hand gesture was that of the Jewish High Priest blessing the Jewish community, an image he remembered from his early childhood attending shul with his grandfather in West Boston onShabbes morning and peeking out from under his grandfather’s tallis at theKohanim-priests as they raised their hands in blessing over the congregation.

He told me that when he finished his talk he received a sustained standing ovation, an experience that was among the most moving in his public life.

There’s another incident worth recalling.

The Soviet Film Institute had invited Leonard in the mid 1980s to come to Moscow to speak about Star Trek IV, which he had directed. Leonard agreed to come on the condition that he be granted free passage to Zaslov, Ukraine to visit Nimoy relatives he’d never met. The Soviet officials refused, so Leonard declined. Then they had a change of heart and caved, and he and Susan visited the Ukrainian Nimoys thus reuniting two branches of his family tree divided eighty years earlier. Who else but Leonard Nimoy could stare down the former Soviet Union and win!?

Over time, Leonard became one of the most positive Jewish role models in the world. He cared about all the right things, about promoting the Jewish arts, about peace and reconciliation between people and nations, and about greater justice in our own society.

He and I talked frequently about our love for Israel and its need for peace. He understood that a democratic Jewish state could survive only alongside a peaceful Palestinian state. He was disgusted by terrorism and war, disheartened by Israeli and Palestinian inability and recalcitrance to find compromise and a way forward towards a two-state solution and peace, and he was infuriated by continuing Israeli West Bank settlement construction and by both Islamic and Jewish fundamentalist extremism.

Though keenly aware of, knowledgeable about and savvy when it came to national and world politics and history, Leonard was at his core a humanitarian and an artist, and that was the lens through which he viewed the world.

Among his favorite quotations was that spoken by the 19th century actor Edwin Booth who claimed to have heard the solemn whisper of the god of all arts:

“I shall give you hunger and pain and sleepless nights, also beauty and satisfaction known to few, and glimpses of the heavenly life. None of these shall you have continually, and of their coming and going you shall not be foretold.”

Leonard did indeed glimpse the heavenly life in his artistic pursuits and in his love for his family and friends.

In thinking of him, I am reminded of Shakespeare’s words:

“Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”
"Romeo and Juliet," Act III, Scene 2

I’ve never known anyone like Leonard – he was utterly unique. I loved him and will cherish his memory always.

Zicharon tzaddik livracha – May the memory of this righteous man be a blessing.

leonard nimoy eulogy

For planning purposes, be aware: the Russians I have worked with - many - have said that they escaped TWICE:  ...ONCE from Russia....the SECOND time from New York City.... of course, our countryside is much different from our nearly every was always thus... and I daresay, its the same in Russia.... There is much to be said for the US countryside, which may NOT be said for those areas in Europe...of that I am sure... one pays a very high price as a human, to be among natural beauty in Europe... ....not so in the states... of course, one must often bring Kultur and some resources with them, if they want to live the countryside... in the states, that's about 200 miles from big population centers... NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami...elsewhere, it varies....although...- check out Faulkner and Harper Lee if you are attracted to the US Southern states...

GailR has a very good presentation:… of 

I knew next to nothing as well, like _most_ members of
the tribe.... except I do know a lot of people who have
"sat Shiva" that...check out "This Is Where I Leave You"
if you have a chance....

Recently Read:
The Hokusai Sketchbooks James Mitchener (never just lives with this art...)
The Magus John Fowles (...still reading...the most recent...)
Crimson Joy by Robert B. Parker
Paul Klee by Sandra Forty ( to be lived with, and to always revisit...)
Concerning Man Gil Orlovitz
The Art Of The Sonnet Gil Orlovitz
Jonathan Sack's prominent long editorial in the Jan31-Feb1 2015 weekend WSJ,  explains much of the roots of resurgent anti-semitism -- previously nearly eradicated from Europe, but reintroduced in recent decades to Europe by its poor, unemployed, Muslim immigrants - themselves now the victims of xenophobia and Islamophobia. Sachs reiterates long-understood information by scholars: the introduction of Jew-hatred into Islam via 12th century Christians in Britain - i.e., the Blood Libel; the ridiculous "Protocols" written by Czarist secret police, and repeated so many times, to the stupid and illiterate. The formation of organizations by reasonable religionists, to resist Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

Recently Seen:

Birdman (A+) ..should win best pic even from the weird "academy"... re-seeable indefinitely
Birdman poster by dofaust
Taken x (B+) ..another good unsubtle effort by Neeson, good for "action" fans
Into The Woods (A-) Dark, but charming - several melded Fairy Tales to
music, albeit many times...until you like recitative more...
American Sniper (A-) echt patriotic American soldiering with strong Angst
Budapest Hotel (A) ...the only serious competition to Birdman for best pic
John Wick (B) - good Keanu vehicle -worthwhile just for casting and a bit of wit
Early December: Life Events

I just had another celebration of my 39th birthday! What a great day with two of my children! 
Never be misled - our children are the greatest gift we can receive.

The tidbit from DA bears more thought:

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.” — Gabriel Garcia Márquez

On a pleasant note, now, I remain in awe of certain photographers,
and this one, who taught me much in the realm of art:

 mark orr

On Suffering, more or less:

...yes.... tears flow'd... during my evil Diva, BK, DV, Jean Valjean's judge->children adieu, WFB, ArthritisPAIN and the surgeon... life has no more sorrows to inflict on the undeserving am just savoring survival in exile, and waiting for the unforgiven evildoers to simply die, and/or endure their own richly deservd hells... 


Flow My Tears

Flow, my tears, fall from your springs!
Exiled for ever, let me mourn;
Where night's black bird her sad infamy sings,
There let me live forlorn.

Down vain lights, shine you no more!
No nights are dark enough for those
That in despair their lost fortunes deplore.
Light doth but shame disclose.

Never may my woes be relieved,
Since pity is fled;
And tears and sighs and groans my weary days
Of all joys have deprived.

From the highest spire of contentment
My fortune is thrown;
And fear and grief and pain for my deserts
Are my hopes, since hope is gone.

Hark! you shadows that in darkness dwell,
Learn to condemn light
Happy, happy they that in hell
Feel not the world's despite.

Long drives from Sana Cruz to SF, and over the SCruz
mountains past La Honda, and into the environs of Woodside
and Pajaro Valley, the posh center of Silicon Valley 
Philistine Kultur - reserved for the meanest and richest
in CA.... pretty, wooded, cultivated....but the Heart Of Darkness
- Silicon Valley is a hard grim place to work, and often,
for 3rd-world con artists, who are adept at hypnotizing yanks,
and are intent on stepping over you
after they have taken your intellectual assets...
I have watched the process for several decades...

Traditions - 5779:

Schma Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinim, Adonai Echad

 ...memorable and very musical services as usual... 
L'Shanna Tova to all
A few weeks filled with 
my small attentions paid to traditions
and hope, blessings, light...finally, atonement...
Yom HaShoa - little noticed by Gentiles...
  ...the subtext is that the masses will continue to believe
  in Sagan's... "Demon"'s....the tribe will never be _liked_
  by the masses...Science will never be _liked_ .....
Via a subscription to a local theatre, unlimited first run movies
for $20/mo ...they show a max of 9 or so a week...
recently seen:
Nightcrawler (**** Jake Gyllenhaal should get awards... but....very creepy indeed)
This Is Where I Leave You (*** good family drama)
The Judge (*** Duvall and Robert Downey - more good family drama)
The Equalizer (Denzel Washington ***+)
  echt violent...ex-cia vigilante - strong echoes of
  Death Wish and Charles Bronson
A Walk Among The Tombstones (Liam Neeson ***+) Similar,
  more violent then Taken - another good
  vehicle for Neeson
The Drop (Tom Hardy, Gandolfini ****) Echoes of Brando
  On The Waterfront - Hardy is brilliant
The Maze Runner (***+) spectacular CGI - echoes of
  Lord Of The Flies/Hunger Games - the latter is a repulsive
  story...for any parent...
From my own repository:
Tiger Bay
Whistle Down The Wind
The Moonspinners
Good Morning Vietnam
Mrs Doubtfire
Mary Poppins
August: Osage County 
Lawrence Of Arabia
Prospero's Books
Being There
The Longest Day
Lovejoy (80s-90s Brit series)
The Importance Of Being Earnest (early 50s)
Rome (recent Brit series)
The Sound Of Music
The Music Man
I, Claudius (late 70s Brit series)
Zorba The Greek
"I am in a duel to death with this wallpaper. One of us has to go."
Oscar Wilde....shortly before his death
Profile Picture By Artin2007 by dofaust
N.B., I've been on DA for about 11 years, first as ainsophaur2 (some other Hebe here
actually knew the same word!!!) ....and lightsource..... and... as artin2007, for prurience,
in recent this time, all the prurient works on the last are
in storage.... Richard Burton's wife Isabell will probably delete many
of those... One of the loveliest Divas on the world stage suggested 
the name dofaust, since we were both quite aware that Gounod's piece would never
be heard or occur to my ex, who, the witty Diva insisted, I should refer to as "A1" - and herself
as "A2" -- since they shared the same birthname. Which A2 preferred her confidantes to use.
For several years, I had quite a muse, and a most pleasurable immersion into the inner circle
of the world of Opera....

Attractive women with very few exceptions are always limited in their intellectual
development. Its inevitable. All the attention is distracting. Its simply
nature at work. If you are being pursued, you simply don't
have as much access to a rich inner life..... when looks go, 
later in life, its easy to communicate with those who have been unattractive
and undistracted most of their earlier lives.....


Its always a good time for a good one: 


Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
Room service? Send up a larger room.
Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?
Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others.
He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot.
I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.
A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five.
From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it.
Ice Water? Get some Onions - that'll make your eyes water!
You know I could rent you out as a decoy for duck hunters?
You've got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it.
A man's only as old as the woman he feels.
Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?
Why, I'd horse-whip you if I had a horse.
Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.
I must say that I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book.
I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it.
If I held you any closer I would be on the other side of you.
I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.
It is better to have loft and lost than to never have loft at all.
I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.
Either he's dead or my watch has stopped.
Remember men, we're fighting for this woman's honour; which is probably more than she ever did.
Women should be obscene and not heard.
Time wounds all heels.
Why was I with her? She reminds me of you. In fact, she reminds me more of you than you do!
Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.
As soon as I get through with you, you'll have a clear case for divorce and so will my wife.
Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.
Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.

Groucho Marx 1890-1977


Oct: happy, musical holidays....
Oct: many driving lessons and unsuccessful tests, last month, Sept., and this, for my Son...
Oct: a long reunion with a brother - the expat I have not seen for 15 years... much discussed
October, my daughter is to be moved back to the (reformed?) SSF home...
A long and pleasant outing to The Legion Of Honor in SF on Father's Day
 (Intimate Impressionists...for a 3rd a sea of art...overwhelming....) 
August., my youngest daughter is moved to be with her babysitter of many years
And....still....too many ghosts to visit old haunts in Redwood Estates
Nelson D's LifeAintKind edges inexorably toward publication! an ordeal for him! But now a reality.
To Sausalito, Twin Peaks, Monterey, twice, with son and daughter
From Sfran to SCruz and Back on Hwy 1 with son and daughter - many nooks and crannies
(and crooks and nannies...)
My youngest daughter relocates from her mountain birthplace to problematical SSF
My Mountain house passes to others in Feb, after 33 years...
Yahrzeit for Dad at Sherith Is.
To Sausalito and long walks, and some striking art galleries...
Preparing....a mini-exhibit-whole-showcase scheduled for all of September in Fresno
Yom H'Shoa

Happy Passover Chag Pesach Sameach 5774

 A very happy day driving along Hwy 1 from San Francisco to Santa Cruz
and back, this past weekend, with my youngest daughter, and my son.
A bit of a solitary Seder etc today, but more to come this week...


“I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes” 
― Vladimir Nabokov…

This day, The Ides Of March, brings an end to a very stormy week, for myself, and son, 21.
An educational week. Cherchez La Femme.

A memorable poker group gathering in Santa Cruz - less time on medical histories than ever buddies
were amazed at the rejuvenated..... player (...a vast improvement in my Texas Hold-Em!)
I WAS Werther by dofaust

Moral support for an author and his 10 years of work to get his final manuscript to publisher

A Memorable wedding at Shirith Yisrael in San Francisco - a most beautiful temple

Sherith israel San Francisco by dofaust

The complex and endlessly depressing closing of my house of 30+ years in the Santa Cruz Mtns - haunting memories & sleeplessness

...installing SQL Server + new schemas for water widgets, basically the same t-sql the past decade++

....rereading LOTR - enjoying the movie extended soundtracks...good to hear at rare intervals

....continuing the massive Chagall bio - an art history course! ... continuing poems and readings to upload

"The Last Survivor" - good genre movie seen with Son

Finished Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel I last read at 14 and saw Lionel Trilling Interview the author

"August: Osage County" ...memorable....some over-the-top scenes...
Several trips to Pacific Grove-Monterey with my son and daughter


Christmas Eve '13 - In past Years Full of Anticipation: 

The Nutcracker in San Jose with all my children: 

They were happy with the Ballet's Music 

And to be all together with Dad

Tchaikovsky is a blessing taken for granted too long 

And A supper from Israel afterwards 

And back to an quiet solitary exile with 

Upton Sinclair of all people..."Oil!"...

not very Christmasy!

Many thanks to all my friends and colleagues, just for being, 

There are many that I am overdue to send good thoughts, 

crits, favs, etc defect of DA!

 and special thanks to those who sent b-day greetings - 

esp. since I am soooo bad at that, myself!


The Artist - and sometime Poet - Speaks!

Personal Events In Recent Years

The Enescu Festival September 2013

TV Mini-Series: Thrones

Resurrecting My Own Poetry

Seferis, Auden, Tolkien remain nearby


The Artist - and sometime Poet - Speaks!

Cyrano's "No Thank You" Soliloquy::  CYRANO's NO THANK YOU SOLILOQUY by dofaust
A touch of Tennyson, read by moi: Tennyson .... a bit of reading by artin2007


Personal Events Highlights In Recent Years


  My new abode is largely empty, and a year ++ of unpacking and design remain...
  hundreds of pictures to hang, repair, or repair/matte..... thousands of books and
  records - now would be the time for setting up a bookshop!!!!

  Arson fires in my first months in YLP!!!! .....culprits lived less than a mile away!

  A blazing Summer in YLP....much like Fresno...

  Attended  a glam wedding on the lawn at the Legion Of Honor in SF, the
reception then primarily in the Rodin sculpture galleries. I appeared to be the
 only one so naif as to be hypnotized by the paintings and sculpture.

  Cirque du Soleil the movie with the children.... stunning.... but....cold, though....

  The Spring Poker Gathering at Bass Lake, a spectacular visit to Yosemite - we are
  planning a hike up one of the steeper trails of Halfdome, next spring. Well, 3-4 of us
  who _may_ have the guts! The group also saw my new abode - 30+ miles away in
  Coarsegold - and approved it.

  Les Miserables...the movie....wonderful, if one likes Recitative from beginning to
  end, and no discernible beginning or end to the melodies - NOR rhythm anywhere -
  a talented first-year composition student could have done MUCH MUCH better...a shame given the great story...
  Boardwalk Golfing with Becky and outings several times to Monterey and Carmel
  and several times chilling-out at Twin Bridges, Santa Cruz. (Possibly her last summer
  at the Rwd Est pool - and the first time I have not been there with her.... too painful, that....)alt Disne

  First visit to the Exploritorium in SF with Becky and David. An amazement! An entire pier!

  A second visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum at the San Francisco Presidio. (Next door to the barracks I spent my
  last Army summer camp in! Memories!)
  (2013, 2014 cinema - new - and re-seen...perspectives to follow:)
  American Graffitti
  Arthur Rubinstein, Love Of Life
  Mephisto Waltz
  Whistle Down The Wind
  To Kill A mockingbird
  Bridge To Terebithia
  Snow White And The Huntsman
  Narnia (versions from several decades)
  The Hobbit 1,2
  LOTR (extended versions)
  Ride The High Country
  Adieux, Les Enfants
  Belle De Jour
  Cirque du Soleil 
  I, Frankenstein
  The Master
  A Late Quartet
  Zero Dark Thirty 
  The Lone Ranger
  Hangover part 3
  The Impossible
  Olympus Has Fallen
  Iron Man 3
  Star Trek Into Darkness
  Pacific Rim
  Man Of Steel
  Captain Phillips
  Bad Grandad

  Started work in earnest at a startup - but an unreliable and dishonorable entrepreneur...
  loose ends from my move - the Piano will be the last to come - came....
  it appears... Hanon--- here I come hahahaha
  Abandoning Rhonda B - finally received her message - after more than a decade 
  of wonderful conversations -and -   when I needed those most... I have those good memories anyway.....
  - she prefers a plainer, duller sort - but handy around the house! Good luck to he!
  Super Bowl weekend in SCruz with almost lifelong friends- and a call to a
  classmate in NZ   .....girding loins for a return to resist an evil Judge and other legal adventures
  seeking JUSTICE..... that is a slow process, continues....

  A few visits from my two youngest children, to Coarsegold.... the first time in 5 years + that we three are under
    the same roof....a special time for a Dad unjustly punished by a judge who is a combination of Jean Valjean's
    Judge - and Cotton Mather - melded into one... hope remains for justice from the Feds and ACLU...

  More progress unpacking... including making curtains, repairing furniture, local fires from arsonists come close ...!
....and...shoved aside a few tons to make room for a big H-Davidson of my brother's.... glad to return favors!

 ..a wonderful Yom Kippur 5774 at Sherith Israel - great music, that was very 
 comparable to that of Shir Hadash, in quality and spiritual depth...

  Moving my brother's H-Davidson that was shipped from SArabia - a bit of an adventure that ended fine.
  Another - but costly adventure - shopping for engines, but finally....rebuilding my Saturn engine, to pass the CA smog tests!
  (Note, much labor, including car mechanics, is often 40%+ less a few hundred miles away from big cities.)

  Also in September 2013: Trips to Twin Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz with my two youngest (15, 20) children.
  Next: moving my son, 20, in to live with me, and preparing his likely room: a fairly large RV, which he likes,
  but which needs to be emptied, since its been a storage locker! ?? Where to put several thousand books,
  and a like number of LPs? (The garage is also full! a storage shed is in the offing...ha .... downsizing is
  on the agenda in years ahead, except for art, music, and only a fraction of my library!)

  Disappointment at not being able to disengage to travel to visit relatives old friends, and special DA friends

Earlier Years:

  a very good year at PGE
  many trips with the family to Berkeley - North Berkely and Albany - SF, esp. Japantown, Chinatown, and North Beach
  one engagement with a pro photag in SF - great shots of me in business attire
  (the one and only engagement with a pro - it didn't take long for me to realize I could do better myself)
 continuing digital art experiments - since 1999 --....artsig
  ...finishing engagement at PGE...could've stayed longer
 a frustrating short engagement at EDS after PGE - they wanting mainframe skills long unused, dormant
 some tough times financially

 my first letters and communiques with a certain muse, at Artsig
 started a rather good engagement at Sandisk
  finished a longish engagement at Sandisk in Sunnyvale - remembering many blocks of empty office bldgs
  A hellish engagement in Ft Smith Ark at Beverly - an emotional and bad consulting manager 
  however, a beautiful old town - my last visit with Uncle Loren -  and a drive to Grove
  This year, and as all preceding, for a decade, and all subsequent, weekly outings with my children....
  With the children, always, countless pleasures in parks, walks, cinema, beach, golf, Santa Cruz, SF
Late in the year, after much correspondence with an unknown lady at an 
  art site, she reveals more of herself to me re her work as a professional 
  musician - a prominent one, who relishes Art as an escape from the
  stressful world of the Opera - from the inside, at least....she becomes a muse
    My muse attempts intervene and to reconcile my wife and I - to no avail

   My first classroom experience in Music for many years - a survey of the Opera
  The muse reveals herself in actuality, during the first class I have attended in 
  many years - a history of Opera - I revel in a new art form and my new
  muse....I learn much
  I start an engagement as an employee of an unusually sympatico IT company, 
  This winter is a harsh one for my muse - a child lost - more mistreatment by her abusive spouse
  My Muse and I correspond and communicate much, perhaps too much for the Net

  Much of the year banished to my cottage, a strange and unexpected "accident",
 cookies from Erin(!)
  Betrayal by a My Muse
  A meeting with the Muse backstage, Jeanne as photographer at Zellerbach Hall
     in Berkeley, after her recital - I said the wrong thing to the muse, she turns her back and walks 
  away...Her potty-mouth teenage daughter blasts me online as a proxy... I  --
       - but apologize several times - The Muse's staff knows nothing, and communicates nothing
   I continue living in my cottage - a big mistake not to have continued, in retrospect...
   The estate estate "bubble" in the US hits me, I loose - big-time- my BK 13 follows
   Arthritis pain prevents me from walking more than a few hundred feet w/o having to rest the ain...
  Oracle buys a smaller, successful IT company -- my employer, and unpleasant cultural changes ensue,
  of course.
   I move out of my cottage, and return to under the same roof as my children
  Travels for Oracle to MN, Virginia Beach, The Oregon ISO in Portland
   Meet old friends John and Deirdre at Moss landing.... I can barely walk a few hundred feet
  An adventure, long-planned, disappointed, and with it, a return to a more realistic world view
  My first serious surgery - orthopedic - and, thankfully, the end of many years of pain
  Confined to a hellish "old age" center - for "rehab" after my operation - against several who
  advised against this - but refused comfort and shelter by my Ex at my own house....
  ....earlier memories of 2009:
  A good conversation with Tom Steen and Bronc (last of the male Jacksons)
  Good movies with David and Becky: Avatar (beautiful) and Sherlock Holmes (revisionist)
  Extreme anxiety + pain + unproductive at Oracle in the runup to surgery all thiis year
  A Trip to Disneyland with David, Becky, Suzie
  Dean Kanas stranded, out of work during the holidays
  A surprise Facebook greeting from Guy Max Orlovitz
  unsuccessful dating! ....Peggy T,...but Dr Linda B remained...
  New Years Eve dinner at Takara (sans Suzy - with Chris - substantial relationship))
  SF Ballet nutcracker with the children - beautiful and opulent but distant
  Tara Mc.... a new lady, tenant in my cottage
  DPI reunion last Aug and seeing all (Janice Thorburg, Puorros, et al...)
  meetings with Shir Hadash and Rabbi Melanie + the yahrzeits she mentioned this year
  Jeannes old trailer moved early in year to Laverne, filled now with books & donations
  meetings with JCC re art
  Meeting with John and Deirdre at Zelda's + Dr Linda first meeting....
  A good conversation with Bennett
  Great printing on fabric at DPI in SF
  A Visit to the NW to see Rhonda, Jay, Miles, Sally... barely able to walk.....
  First and last scene at F-M (Lorrett, Estrella) + subsequent writings
  Moved storage possessions to larger facility with David
  Aunt Rela passing
  Carole Sue Steen Kelly passing
  Uncle Loren passing
 Jeanne's offer to stay in SF - Jeanne to Egypt with Mark in Jan
 Late Oct Left Hip Replacement by Los Gatos Surgeon, with no time for a second opinion
 World Series Yankees + Boston at Rehab Center
 surgery trauma + rehab facility trauma and anxiety + visits
 Visits by Jeanne, R'Melanie and Anya/Kids to Rehab Center 
 Exit old redneck tenant Lisa....
 Becky's 13th b-day Bowling party
 movies: Avatar, A Christmas Carol (jim carrey), princess & the frog, planet 51,
 bedtime stories, g-force, (terminators with David),
 distract 9 with David, UP, 
 finding neverland, HP movie: the half-blood prince

  Severe foot surgery (and, a mediocre surgeon!) in Santa Cruz for the long-delayed 
  bunion - Dr Lee's bad idea to postpone this for a decade+ had severe consequences ....
  Rehab for foot at Jeanne's and Mark's first house at The Villages in San Jose
  A Car accident with my daughter, who was unhurt, but, for myself, - more
  pain - for a few years to come
  The NutCracker - this time in Sf - inferior to San Jose - one of the last with all three children...


  A pleasant time with the children, but pain-filled first half of the year with Arthritis - albeit perhaps
  the last six months in my house of 32 years ....
  A successful surgery for my youngest daughter's Epilepsy at UCSF
  - and scorn and nausea for EIGHT years of bad medicine from STANFORD mds
  Another successful surgery for a spine fusion for moi at UCSF - relief from pain!!!! great technology and surgeon!! in SF at Jeanne' ex again refused me to rehab at home with the children....
  Memorable readings at Jeanne's in SF....Parker....several Roman A Clef...
  The Ex went back on her promises of equal custody and an evil judge - Jean Valjean's - sided with her
  Surprise at the Evil and Brazen Lies from adults who should know better
  Spine surgery and freedom from most pain!!!! 
  Rehabbing in a home in SF.....went around Jeanne's old haunts and walks...charming neighborhoods...
  A TERRIBLE mistake to leave my house w/o being ordered to do so! 
  (my ex should've moved and been with her criminal-- 18 arrests, one felony conviction
  - Jean Valjean's judge - mixed with Cotton Mather -- thought nothing of such a 
parent-model - infinitely unjust and frustrating!)
 Re-connected with one wonderful old friend - who repaid many times over
  goodness I brought her way several decades ago! Truly, bread cast on the the waters....
 Jean Valjean's Judge (ignores the letter AND spirit of the law)
  - an ensuing long missal to the Calif Supreme Court is in the works ....
  UNJUSTIFIED, unreasonable separation from my children, except on weekends.... has been the bane of my
  existence from this year onward...
  Resumed programming and software engineering...a very good intellectual discipline.....
  I remain FULL of art for future work, and satisfy myself for the present with revisions of previous work,
  ....and small commissions for stock for artwork to come..... 

many fine weekend outings with my children:
  Legion of Honor in SF - wonderful Rodin sculptures aplenty!
  Palace of Fine Arts in SF - indigenous tribal art exhibits... wondrous Impressionists
  and Dutch Masters! a tour of SF Bay historical-Mission-Mexican history places
  for my son's class project...
  movies a plenty, and frankly the greatest enjoyment, aside from the few I've seen
  by myself has been seeing them, except for a few, with my childen, and a few with
  a dear old friend...
  Merrigold Hotel, 
  John Carter
  Sherlock Holmes A Game...
  Cloud Atlas,
  Big Miracle, 
  Anna Karenina, 
  The Hunger Games, Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave,
  The amazing spider-man,
  Madagascar 3, 
  The Hobbit, 
  Hotel Transylvania,
  The Avengers, Lincoln, Lincoln Vampire Killer, The Life Of Pi,
  The Grey
Seeing my eldest daughter during the holidays - otherwise an uncommunicative - daughter - at the end of the year, was such a pleasure!
house-hunting with a benefactor..... successful!!!
.....found, moved 3+ hours drive from the SF Bay area - to nearly as lovely an area as the Santa Cruz Mountains, and, another chance at a startup - the 3rd time may be the charm ....already experienced two ill-fated ones - 
.....1 year each - in the dot-com era...
.....Along with many thousands of others....frustrations with WFB - now resolved to file 
a suit in Federal/State Court....

  • Listening to: truly eclectic AND canonical: see sdorr on youtube
  • Reading: Carpenter's Auden and Tolkien bios.
  • Watching: usual...canonical AND outre
  • Playing: ... Please see my sdorr youtube favs
  • Eating: ....well and sparingly...
  • Drinking: water, orange, grapefruit, merlot, caffe...


Sidney Orr
United States
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Current Residence: in exile
Favourite genre of music: omnivorous - sdorr on youtube
Favourite photographer: Curtis, Vishniac many
Favourite style of art: ...omniverous
Personal Quote: When you depart, no one will ever say
"he should've spent more time at the office"

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